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3D Wall Tiles are a beautiful way to clad your wall, and are perfect for both commercial and domestic use.

We have partnered with an expert metal roof installation company that can offer a variety of 3D metal tile designs and patterns. They are one of the only companies in the UK offering this unique service.

With an unlimited palette of colours, metals and designs to choose from, such as zinc, Greencoat PLX and Aluminium, we can find a design to suit your project. 

With long-lasting strength and beauty, these 3D metal tiles are perfect to use in shops, showrooms and domestic spaces. The specialist team we work with is well equipped to handle projects of any size, and have the correct machinery to deliver a high quality finish.

Range of Metals and Styles to Choose From:

With 3D metal Tiles, you can choose from a variety of metals, which includes, but is not limited to, zinc, steel, copper and aluminium. A number of factors will influence your choice of metal and metal finish, such as the project size and budget (zinc tends to be more expensive), build types (i.e conservation or preservation site requirements), environmental settings and remoteness of your location.

GreenCoat PLX is a fantastic metal to choose because it is 100% recyclable and is made with sustainable products such as rapeseed oil. It is often favoured by homeowners as it is cost effective when compared with metals such as zinc and copper. 

3D Zinc tiles can be crafted using natural (bright), pre-weathered and pigmented finishes. Zinc is an ideal choice of material for architects, designers and home-owners, particularly because it repels corrosion and combines durability with flexibility, making it easy to install.

If you would like to request free samples or make an enquiry, please email us: support@themetalroofcompany.co.uk or use the form below.

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Got questions? We’ve got answers. View our most common 3D Wall Tiling questions. You can always get in touch by calling our Head Office on 0208 810 0120 for further information.

A zinc roof should have a long life, be resistant to corrosion and offer value for money in comparison to other types of metal roofing products.

We do not recommend that you install 3D tiles yourself. You will need specialist machinery to press the tiles into the desired design.

Yes, please drop us an enquiry using the form below or email: support@themetalroofcompany.co.uk.

You can choose whichever metal you like (each metal has its own respective strengths). Please get in touch if you are unsure how to choose a metal for your 3D tiling.

There are many 3D tile design options. Here are some popular designs from our specialist 3D tiler:

Colour Design options

Yes, absolutely. Here are the GreenCoat colours you can choose from:

GreenCoat PLX Colours

Yes, please see the technical diagram below for more information:

3D Tiles for Wall Diagram

Yes, absolutely. Please email us for samples.

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