Lindab Magestic™

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What is Lindab Magestic?

Lindab Magestic is a galvanised steel material for rainwater and standing seam uses. Lindab Magestic provides the same consistent Lindab branding, with a strengthened magnesium zinc-alloy coating. Within 3-5 years of installation, Magestic forms a beautiful dark grey metallic colour.

With 3% magnesium and 3.5% aluminium added to the zinc coating, the composition used for Magestic is tougher, meaning the rainwater system is much more durable and long lasting

Lindab Majestic
Lindab Majestic 2

Magestic FAQ's

Yes, it will. We recommend that you speak with our technical team here at The Metal Roof Company who can help you find a competent metal roof contractor to install your roof. Call on 02088100120

Yes, it’s quite easy for any competent DIY enthusiast to install. Remember to observe health and safety recommendations and correct working at height procedure. Watch the installation video on our website for guidance.

In simple terms, in a marine environment, Majestic has 3 times the corrosion resistance of standard galvanised gutters and downpipes.  It’s the Magnesium Zinc alloy that helps to repel the salt crystals that attack the meta. Hence the name Majestic!

Yes, it’s exceptionally environmentally friendly. Galvanised gutters and downpipes are already the most environmentally friendly rainwater material. Magestic uses even less zinc and a cleaner water run-off into the soil.

It’s not really a colour, it’s more of a galvanised finish that changes colour over a few years to eventually become a darker zinc grey appearance.

Yes, Lindab Magestic comes with a 10-year material warranty.

Magestic, like all the Lindab range of coated steel gutters, comes in a very wide range of sizes, right up to gutters that can be used on huge roofs. The Metal Roof Company can organise your calculations and suggest the best gutter size and downpipe locations.  Contact our technical team at our head office in London. 0208 810 0120.

Lindab Magestic

Elite Galvanization

New technology has allowed the material to be developed using magnesium, creating a barrier to corrosion.

Lower Environmental Impact

Galvanized steel is already the most environmentally friendly material used in rainwater systems. This gutter has a reduced impact on zinc resources and less than 25% zinc run off into soils.

Low Price

Efficiency improvements mean that Lindab Magestic is the cheapest option when choosing rainwater systems.