Copper Roofing

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Copper Roofing

Copper roofing has been used since Roman times as a long-lasting and attractive metal roof finish, particularly with its long-lasting durability and resistance to water. In its natural, untreated form, copper sheets will react with the atmosphere to form a green patina, often referred to as antique copper or Verdigris. It may take many years for this initial metallic copper appearance to slowly change into this aged-green look.

Copper roofing sheets are an extremely versatile roofing material. The metal can easily be formed into copper shingles, façade panels and copper cassette panels. This is usually done on-site by an experienced copper roof installer.

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A correctly installed copper roof can last generations; certainly over 100 years

The natural tones of the copper may change over time and eventually turn green (referred to as Verdigris copper). This change in copper roof sheets cannot accurately be predicted because the change is based on the moisture and pollutant levels in the atmosphere. It is likely that it will eventually change to a greenish hue.

Copper is extremely durable and has a well-known, proven resistance to water. Its use as a metal roofing material that stretches as far back as 27 BC, when it was used on the Pantheon roof, lasting over 1,000 years!

Copper for roofing is corrosion-resistant, can easily be moulded into the desired shape, and can be fully recycled, making it an eco-friendly choice of metal roofing material.

It is exposure to the atmosphere that turns a copper roof from its natural bright pink colour to the Verdigris bright green colour.

An average exposure time to turn green might be 20 to 30 years, however there is no guarantee as to what that final colour will be. Copper tends to go through a changing colour cycle of mainly brown hues. Some colours will be ht brown, chocolate brown, plum, purple, black and eventually Verdigris green.

Yes.  There are various treatments that can be applied to the surface to speed up the process. There are also make alternatives to Verdigris green copper such as GreenCoat PLX that give an immediate green copper colour finish.

Copper for standing seam roofing is one of the most luxurious and resilient roofing products available and hence carries a premium for purchase and installation.

Average prices for fitting the material across the UK would probably be in excess of £100 per m2.

For accuracy, please contact The Metal Roof Company on 0208 810 0120 for a full no-obligation estimate.

Yes, there are certainly different suppliers and each will offer a slightly different finish.

In general, raw natural copper, no matter who supplies it, is basically the same product!

Theft, particularly during the installation process.

It’s also a luxury product so may not be suitable where the development budget is stretched.

Also, copper will not react well with some other metals such as galvanised steel and aluminium. They should be kept apart, therefore full consideration is necessary for the development planning stage of your project. For advice on copper roofing, contact The Metal Roof Company on 0208 810 0120 or use the live chat Mon-Fri (9am – 5pm) for all technical queries.

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Benefits of Copper Roofing
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Copper lasts a lifetime

If your Copper cladding or standing seam roof is installed by a skilled and competent metal roof contractor, then you can expect your roof to last for decades.

Although copper is not the cheapest metal roof material on the market, it is certainly one of the few metals that will give your roof significant ‘kerb appeal!’

This is particularly beneficial for property owners because your copper roof will give a long-term financial return on your investment. Even if you sell your property, a copper roof will almost certainly add attraction and hence add value to the property.

Remember, you don’t always have to cover your entire roof with copper – talk to The Metal Roof Company about how to use an accent strip over a porch, canopy or small area of roof.  Copper roof sheets can work well with other roofing materials to give a unique accent to your design.

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Copper is low maintenance

All roofs need to be maintained, even if this is simply a periodic check. If the cost of your roof is averaged over its expected lifetime, then the return on investment makes copper an attractive metal roofing option.

Another benefit of copper roofing is that the metal has antibacterial and antimicrobial benefits. 

This means copper can destroy a wide range of microorganisms and, for a roof, this means that areas of mould, fungus and unsightly moss cannot take hold, meaning less overall maintenance.

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Copper can be crafted

Copper is not just used for standing seam roof sheets. Copper roofing shingles, tiles, batten roll cap, welted panels of various sizes, diamond and square copper tiles are all easily achievable from this very malleable natural product. 

To enhance this crafted copper roof, there are several copper roof finials (decorative roof trims) that can be added to the finished roof. 

Copper spires and spike, and even unique copper weathervanes, will add that extra kerb appeal and value.  The Metal Roof Company can provide pure copper rainwater gutters and downpipes from the Lindab Copper range to add even greater value.