Why Purchase A Lindab gutter?

Low CO² life cycle impact

The Lindab range of steel rainwater products is one of the most environmentally friendly building products that can be used in rainwater management. Studies of the seven frequently used materials for gutters and downpipes including plastic, zinc, aluminium and cast-iron show that, when considered from raw material extraction to end of life recycling, Galvanized steel is the ‘greenest’ option. Contact us on 0208 810 0120 for all lindab guttering queries.

Climate change and the impact of construction materials used on a building is a growing concern and Lindab, a Swedish Company, has championed the use of green and sustainable materials. Life cycle studies of galvanized steel (as used for guttering) and associated components show that up to 30% of the material used comes from recycled sources. This, coupled with a long lifespan, means that the Lindab guttering range benefits from longer replacement cycles and an averaged lower CO2 impact.


15-year warranty

The Lindab Rainline range of coated steel gutters and downpipes ensures a 15-year warranty. Lindab’s new Magestic range, a product designed to give exceptional performance in aggressive environments such as coastal locations, have a 10-year warranty. These warranties underpin the high-quality steel used and the usable life of the Lindab Rainline products is far in excess of the warranty available.

Super Strength

Lindab gutters are made from high strength steel sourced from top European suppliers. The substrate is a galvanized zinc coating and is finished with a primer coating, and finally a high-build polyester paint that gives colour and added protection. The Lindab Magestic, Natural Copper and Stainless-Steel Vandal Range offer varying degrees of strength and protection. Call our technical team for advice and data sheets.

Choice of 5 Gutter sizes

Lindab offers a broad range of gutter and downpipe/drainpipe sizes to suit any property. The narrowest gutter size available is 100mm, a size ideal for small buildings or roofs. The 125m, 150mm, 190mm sizes are available as Lindab half-round gutters. The new Lindab rectangular gutter range comes at a fixed width of 136mm. Want to know what the best gutter size is for your location and property type? Call The Metal Roof Company to discuss the gutter options best suited to your needs.

Installation Video

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Benefits of using Lindab Guttering

Extremely low thermal expansion

When steel is used in guttering, there is minimal chance of leakage because steel has a very low coefficient for thermal expansion, meaning that during hot periods, the gutter will not expand or crack.

Simple to Install

Proven design of the Lindab Rainline range over decades of research means that the components are simple and straightforward to install. Drainpipes interlock with no mastic or screws required and gutters click together with 'easy to install' gutter joiners. Professionals enjoy the speed of installation and DIY installers can watch short, simple installation videos and tutorials that clearly show the installation process. Watch the video to the left of this content for the full installation process. For technical queries, you can contact The Metal Roof Company on 0208 810 0120.


Lindab Guttering is one of the most Eco-Friendly steel guttering products on the market, manufactured from up to 30% recycled material and completely recyclable. The system also lasts over 70 years.

Red Lindab Guttering

Available Colours

Available lindab guttering colours