GreenCoat PLX

Thinking of a zinc or metal standing-seam roof? if so, then think GreenCoat PLX Pro BT, Scandinavia’s tough, Eco-friendly roofing material. Read through  some of the top benefits of using GreenCoat PLX for your project.


With the increasing threat of global warming and climate change, many developers and architects prefer to chose 'greener' roofing alternatives, with good Eco-credentials. GreenCoat PLX is 100% recyclable and is now made with sustainable products such as rapeseed oil.

Excellent corrosion resistance

Beneath its attractive colour coating, GreenCoat PLX benefits from a marine-grade galvanised layer containing zinc. The top side of the metal is finished using SSAB's Bio-Tech (BT) coating. Equally, the underside benefits from the same thick galvanised layer, giving protection to areas that are not normally seen.


GreenCoat PLX has been used across Scandanavia for generations. The surface is scratch-resistant, resilient to UV rays and has high colour stability, ensuring maximum longevity and a roof that should last a lifetime.

50 Year Warranty

GreenCoat PLX comes with a warranty of up to 50-years (depending on location), ensuring that your metal roof has the life span that it deserves. We want all of our customers to be satisfied with this product, and the manufacturer's warranty ensures peace of mind.

Easy Installation

GreenCoat PLX can be installed by skilled metal roof contractors using the same standard tools, equipment, skills and techniques as used for zinc and copper roofing. Unlike zinc which will crack during cool weather formation, PLX can be installed at temperatures as low as -15C wihtout cracking the seams.

Low Cost

GreenCoat PLX is a cheaper alternative to zinc and copper roofing, yet offers many more benefits to the homeowner. Low maintenance, easy installation via a network of expert metal roofing contractors and distributor support makes this an ideal modern day roofing metal.


Got questions? We've got answers. Read through our GreenCoat PLX frequently asked questions and answers. If your question isn't answered below, give us a call on 0208 810 0120

No, aside from a general roof inspection, GreenCoat PLX metal roof sheets will not require any special treatment or maintenance.

For any standing seam metal roof, a minimum pitch is required, usually about 4 degrees. Below that will require a different approach to the standing seam. PLX works very well on facades, and it can be installed to match your roof and your Lindab guttering if needed. Have a look at our projects page for examples and inspiration.


No, GreenCoat PLX will be purchased by your chosen metal roof contractor and not your main contractor. When your roof or façade is ready to be clad, your experienced metal roofer will take delivery of the metal in coil form. Your roofing contractor will be responsible for forming the metal roof sheets. Read our blog about how to choose the correct metal roofing contractor for your project.

No, SSAB specialises in high-quality steel products and GreenCoat PLX is manufactured in Sweden and only for standing seam metal roofing.

This is a broad question and thus cannot be answered in a few lines. Generally, one must consider:  A) Appeal of the material  and B)prevailing technical factors (such as location, marine environment, type of build-up etc.).

Technically, PLX can be used where many other roofing metals cannot (such as zinc, and copper roofing materials). Therefore, personal preference on colour is usually a determining factor. Request a free sample wallet to assist in your colour choice.

Exceptionally well. GreenCoat steel is 100% recyclable and with zero loss in quality. The metal roofing material is lightweight, meaning reduced delivery costs and a very low embedded energy – far less than zinc roofing.

Swedish Steel have even improved the coating by using Bio-Based technology that uses sustainable oils such as rapeseed oil in place of fossil fuels.  Even the Swedish Steel mill uses heat from the production process to heat local homes!

It will take a good tinsmith many years to perfect the art of traditional metal roofing. Most metal roof contractors work daily with copper, zinc and GreenCoat PLX, which improves both the technical ‘know-how’ and the dexterity to do a good job.

Unless you are a busy metal roofer, it’s unlikely you’ll have these skills or the necessary specialist equipment to do the job.  The Metal Roof Company can introduce you to several trained local expert metal roofers. Call us on 0208 810 0120

Yes. We can send you our info sheet on cappings and copings. They are easy to install AND cost less than aluminium. It can be be done under the metal roof package, hence saving the need for different trades and co-ordination.

GreenCoat PLX Roofing
GreenCoat standing seam roofing
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Why choose GreenCoat PLX?

Across Scandinavia, where winters are exceptionally cold and the summers are very hot, a zinc standing seam roof is not the material of choice. Instead, GreenCoat PLX, a high-quality coated steel, is used to achieve a striking appearance. PLX can be installed using the same techniques as zinc or copper roof installations, but with temperatures as low as to -15 C, this material is far less prone to underside corrosion, cracking and white rust. Greencoat PLX Pro BT, as supplied by The Metal Roof Company, is one of the greenest metal roofing products on the market and is certainly one of the best metal solutions for your standing seam roof.

Whether you’re an architect, specifier, developer or homeowner, PLX will ensure that your project stands apart from the rest. And for the right reasons.

Market-leading material warranties, simple and straight-forward installation details (supplied to your experienced metal roofer), all help to ensure that you achieve a great finish to your roof or façade. Request a FREE sample wallet delivered straight to your door by filling out the contact form above.


"My installer purchased 10 rolls of GreenCoat PLX in zinc grey colour from The Metal Roof Company for our project in Scotland and we are delighted with the result. We used the material for our garage extension and were very impressed at the flatness of the roof for the amount it cost. Would highly recommend this material and The Metal Roof Company to any developer or homeowner."

Bernie Kerr


"The Metal Roof Company did a fantastic job on my project in Somerset - the GreenCoat PLX roofing material looks just like zinc, and was considerably cheaper. Thank you!"

Bill Saunders


Highly recommend using GreenCoat PLX as a standing seam roofing material. Me and my wife used this material as an alternative to zinc for our country property, and PLX certainly lived up to our high expectations! Thank you 😉

Luke Wellingbrook


Our Services

The Metal Roof Company can advise and give you all the metal solutions you need. We offer zinc roofing, copper roofing and GreenCoat PLX services.

Zinc has been the metal roofing material of choice for over 150 years among homeowners, architects and developers. Its durability and long-lasting qualities often make it a popular choice.

Copper is exceptionally malleable and can easily be hand-formed into shingle tiles,  batten roll effects and standing seam roof panels. It can enhance virtually any building.

Lindab gutters are long-lasting, maintenance-free, cost effective and eco-friendly. Furthermore, all of our lindab gutters can be colour matched to GreenCoat PLX roofing, available from the Metal Roof Company in 11 unique colours.