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The Metal Roof Company supplies high-quality standing seam metal roof material including zinc, steel, copper as well as rainwater goods, including Lindab gutters and downpipes. Our Head Office is in London but we provide advice on, and distribute, metal roofing products throughout the UK and Ireland.

Our primary product is GreenCoat PLX Pro BT, used for standing seam roof or façade cladding and often used as an alternative to zinc roofing, zinc cladding and copper. GreenCoat PLX can withstand harsh weather conditions and still look exceptional, making it an ideal choice with the changeable UK and Irish climate.

The beauty of zinc or copper roofing and cladding is that these materials can be replicated using GreenCoat PLX and with the assurance of industry-leading warranties, low-maintenance and excellent resistance to aggressive environments. We believe that this metal is one of the best, most eco-friendly roofing metals on the market today.

Aside from GreenCoat PLX, we supply a range of natural and pigmented zinc colours and finishes, sourced from the best global suppliers serving the European zinc roof market. We offer practical knowledge to architects, metal roofing contractors, developers and homeowners alike. By working closely with clients, we offer a broad range of zinc options and, when technical or design challenges arise, we can suggest alternatives.

When faced with challenges, the metal solutions that we offer are not always driven by cost savings. Technical challenges, compatibility with adjacent construction materials and project location will all be considerations for any alternative suggestion. Call our office today on 0208 810 0120.


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