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*Please note that some colours are known by multiple names. Please ensure that you place your order using a RAL colour reference to ensure you receive your desired colour.

GreenCoat PLX Colours

The Metal Roof Company supplies GreenCoat PLX standing seam metal roofing in 11 unique colours, each of which can be matched by lindab guttering and downpipes. GreenCoat PLX is a fantastic alternative to usng zinc and copper roofing materials, particularly because it’s an  Eco-friendly material, easy to install, and resistant to corrosion in harsh climates, such as winter storms. GreenCoat PLX is also 100% recyclable and can be re-melted and processed to create new steel products, making it a popular choice of metal roofing among architects, homeowners and developers alike.

SSAB’s steel grades are easy to form by hand and can be used in sophisticated forming operations (even down to -15 °C!) without any loss of quality or damage to the colour coating or steel.

The base material is steel, which is further coated by a thin layer of zinc. This zinc coating (which is applied to both sides of the metal) helps to protect the steel from corrosion and is achieved by keeping oxygen and water away from the steel, preventing corrosion. The pre-treatment layer is applied to further improve the corrosion resistance, but also to gives good adhesion to the coating layer.

Each of the GreenCoat PLX available colours can be matched by Lindab gutters and downpipes, which are also available from The Metal Roof Company. If you have any questions which aren’t answered in our GreenCoat PLX FAQ section, give our office a call on 0208 810 0120 and speak to our technical team for advice or to place an order.

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