Fire Station, Wales

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Project: Fire Station, Wales

Material: GreenCoat PLX Sheet Steel

Colour: Verdigris Green Copper

Rainwater: N/A

Local councils, developers and housing authorities usually have a common aim when choosing materials for buildings that are financed using public funds.  Luxury and a high-end appearance are desirable but sometimes the budget isn’t there to achieve it.

This is where GreenCoat PLX offers a perfect metal solution. This Swedish Steel is available in a wide range of colours including a match for weathered zinc and even natural copper.  However, it is on projects originally specified as aged copper that we see the greatest financial difference.  The price gap between using GreenCoat PLX as opposed to Green Copper can be huge, especially over large areas of roof or wall cladding. It really does add up.

Does switching the specification, even late in the project, cause problems?  Here at The Metal Roof Company, we don’t think so. Basic principles of copper metal roofing, if specified correctly, very rarely need to be changed when switching to GreenCoat PLX.

Speaking to local residents in Wales after the project completion, Metal Roof Company  Sales Director Sean Mc Hugh commented:

“Projects such as this fire station are a great example of local authorities maximising public funds. The roofing material is low maintenance, robust and we know that just about everyone that looks at the building thinks they are looking at very old copper.  It’s a great way of getting colour onto the building and giving a luxury appearance at an affordable price”

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