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Project: New Build, Padstow, Cornwall, Metal Roof

Material: Lindab GreenCoat PLX

Colour: Dark Grey RAL 7011

Rainwater: Lindab Guttering Dark Grey, RAL 7011

Harry and Briony Anscombe were keen to build a modern family home overlooking a beautiful Cornwall valley. They were inspired by the house that was featured in the cult film ‘Ferris Buellers Day Off.’ Read about this properties’ press coverage in the Sun newspaper here.  This house, although designed in the fifties by American architect A. James Speyer, was the inspiration for Harry and Briony. The uncluttered look, both inside and out, was the ultimate goal.

Along with their three children, Harry and Briony relocated from London to North Cornwall to oversee the build of this large five-bedroom home. For the standing seam roof, they chose Lindab GreenCoat PLX, supplied by The Metal Roof Company. This choice of material perfectly matched the Lindab guttering and helped keep to the modern and simple design that the couple wanted.

Integral to the modern roof design was a flush fit low profile roof light that integrated with the standing seam roof panels set out at 500 mm widths. Want to know more or obtain a similar finish on your project. Fill out the form below for a FREE GreenCoat PLX sample wallet or contact The Metal Roof Company on 0208 810 0120 for more info.

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