Housing Scheme, West London

Our Involvement

Project: New Build apartments with copper cladding. Material installed by TR Freeman metal roofing contractors

Material: GreenCoat PLX, Verdigris Copper

Colour: Verdigris aged Copper

Rainwater: N/A

This housing authority scheme needed to meet a tight budget and technical targets.

GreenCoat PLX Pro BT was shortlisted as the most suitable cladding material as it met the stringent cladding budget and high technical demands.

This eco-friendly metal is a great alternative to copper, and on this project its fire rating, sustainability and affordability meant it was an excellent choice for the cladding.

“ the client could have used timber, however, the copper appearance of the project looked great.  It certainly would have been much more expensive to use naturally patinated copper. It was a pleasure to install, the team really like it “

D Mc Rae, Project Manager, TR Freeman, Metal Roof Contractor

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