Choosing The Ideal Metal Roofing Contractor:
What You Should Know

Elliot James, Marketing Team

Some of the most important decisions you might have to make when building or refurbishing a property is the choice of roofing material and roofing contractor to use. If you prefer a unique finish and decide on a standing seam metal roof, then finding a trusted metal roof contractor to turn your dream into a reality should be easy.

So, how do you pick a competent standing seam zinc roofing contractor? Online searches and Yellow Pages directories might highlight many possibilities in your area, but to pick the best, it’s worth investing a little time and research beforehand. The insights below will help you ask the right questions and guide you to the pool of standing seam zinc roof contractors that follow good industry practice.

The zinc roofing and metal roofing market has rocketed in the past few years, particularly due to the increased usage of zinc, copper and coated steel products as standing seam metal roofing materials, with builders often taking inspiration from Scandinavian countries, where standing seam metal roofing has been used to clad houses for generations. Keeping your home dry is a basic — here are a few other considerations:

Ensure the company specialises in metal roofing


Standing seam metal roof and cladding is a highly skilled sector of roofing. It is more common for metal roof companies to specialise in only this aspect of roofing, as opposed to occasionally offering the service within a general roof works portfolio. Some larger roofing companies may have specialist divisions or in-house metal roof experts. Don’t be afraid to ask your prospective company if they have dedicated specialists and trained installers to begin working on your project. Be cautious if the contractor, whether it’s a person or team, is not dedicated to very regular standing seam roof metal roof installations.

Ensure the roofing contractor has the correct specialist tools and machinery


Metal roof contractors require a variety of tools, including a standing seam profiling machine, a bending (folding) machine and various specialist hand tools including seam folders. Most competent installers have their own well-maintained equipment.

Request details of trade body membership


The main UK trade body for standing seam metal roof contractors is the Federation of Traditional Metal Roofing Contractors, the FTMRC for short. While not every skilled contractor or company is part of this organisation, membership shows a commitment to having standing seam roof installations checked (vetted) on-site for quality.  FTMRC metal roof contractors also agree to abide by a code of practice whereby poor workmanship is rectified, should it be deemed unacceptable when vetted.  The FTMRC also operates a workmanship insurance backed warranty scheme.

Key Point: Policy details should be discussed with the installer prior to appointment and you should ask the metal roofing contractor to provide details of their trade body membership (s).

Know the installer’s capabilities!


Membership of the FTMRC is a great start in narrowing down your choice of a metal roof contractor.  Members are regularly vetted with grading being listed as excellent, good or competent. This information can be seen on the FTMRC website. This grading system will be useful if your metal roof is complex in design, allowing you to pick an installer with skills best suited to your project.

Key Point: Be aware of your installer’s capabilities – ensure that they are competent and are able to carry out the project to a high standard.

Request evidence of previous work


It takes quite a few years to become a skilled standing seam metal roof contractor and most skilled installers have a genuine passion for what they do.  Any installer (aka Tinsmith) should be pleased to show you recent examples of their work and explain the technical challenges and achievements involved in finishing a project.

Key Point: Always ask for reference projects and follow them up to ensure the projects are recent and your target installer is the person or company that completed that project.

Beware of unusually low-price quotes


As with most trades, the price of installing a standing seam metal roof is relatively constant throughout the industry.  Beware of quotes that are unusually low. There may be genuine underlying reasons such as a desire to win the project, workforce availability or a seasonal slowdown. Proceed with caution. Your supplier should be able to offer guidance as to the expected rates.

Key Point: Always know the average cost of contractors in the industry – remain astute to unusually low prices.

Liaise with the material supplier

The Metal Roof Company has been supplying GreenCoat PLX, zinc and copper roof sheet material for years. Through our Expert Installer scheme, we are familiar with virtually all the active UK and Ireland standing seam zinc roof installers and would be pleased to recommend a selection of expert installers for your project. Get in touch with our team today on 0208 810 0120.


Get in Early


Standing Seam contractors are busier today than at any time in the past. It is not uncommon for many installers to be booked up to six months in advance. Engage in discussions in good time, allowing the scale plans, roof build-up and seam detailing to be revised. Once your plans have been sent to the metal roof installers, you should allow up to 2 weeks for a detailed quote to be received. Need a quote for your project. Click here for a free quote.


Need a metal roof installer immediately?


Don’t panic or make hasty decisions. If you have chosen your GreenCoat PLX or a zinc roof colour (and finish) and are ready to have your metal roof installed, then call the metal supplier.  Good suppliers are in touch with dozens of independent, competent installers daily. Large projects often get delayed meaning competent metal roof contractors may be available to slot in your project at short notice. Call The Metal Roof Company on 0208 810 0120 and we can put you in touch with a trusted contractor.


A standing seam metal roof is a great choice for any building, whether it be a refurbishment or new build.


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