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Project: New Build homes, Kent

Material: GreenCoat PLX 

Colour: Zinc Silver, RAL 7037, Roofing and Cladding

Rainwater: Matching Lindab Guttering and downpipes

Is a zinc roof expensive? They can be, however, GreenCoat PLX is much better value for money. GreenCoat PLX is a roofing metal that has a long-life and has installation techniques similar to zinc roofing.

Three months later, the installation photographs show how good the roof looks.  Zinc colour roof sheets are easy to install once you have an expert metal roof company, and the final images speak volumes.

GreenCoat PLX is ideal where Zinc cladding or roof sheets have been specified. Its simple straight-forward installation means that underside corrosion and cracked seams, a negative feature of zinc are avoided.

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