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Project: New Build Luxury Apartments, West London

Material: GreenCoat PLX

Colour: Copper Cladding reference 778

Rainwater: Matching Guttering and downpipes

Sitting on a bend in the river Thames and overlooking Kew gardens, this new-build block of luxury apartments required its own distinctive appearance in order to make a statement.

Natural Copper cladding was initially suggested by the developers, but at the time of construction, Copper prices were at an all-time high. Theft risk during construction, ripple on the Copper sheets after installation, and the high purchase price meant other metal solutions were needed.

GreenCoat PLX in metallic copper colour solved the problem. The material warranty and its flat copper-like appearance meant that considerable savings were made on the cladding.

Furthermore, since PLX used similar installation to natural copper, the build-up did not need to be changed or redesigned by the developers.

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