Spillers Mill

Our Involvement

Project: Redevelopment of a derelict landmark building, central Cambridge.

Material: GreenCoat PLX

Colour: Dark Silver / Anthracite Metallic. RAL 7037

Rainwater: N/A

Located directly opposite the main railway station, this landmark building was well known to residents and commuters in the central Cambridge area.  It had fallen into disrepair and was used as a squat. Its condition deteriorated further when a fire destroyed a considerable amount of the internal timber and parts of the building shell.

The project was acquired by local company Hill Partnership for development circa 2016.

Zinc was considered for the roof area however, due to extensive refurbishment work and tight budgets, GreenCoat PLX was deemed a material that would offer a similar look and even better performance than zinc roofing sheets.

Following a very successful refurbishment with the roof installed by local company TR Freeman Limited, all 19 apartments were offered for sale and all sold within 4 hours of the marketing suite opening to one overseas investor.

“PLX in the Dark Silver colour was so easy to install  and our team really enjoyed working with it.  It had the advantage over zinc which would have possibly cracked during the cold weather installation. We had used it many times in the past and it always gives a really nice flat finish.”

D McRae, Project Manager, TR Freeman

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