Standing Seam vs Corrugated Metal Roofing Sheets

Elliot James, Marketing team

Sometimes a metal roof budget just won’t stretch to a copper, zinc or GreenCoat PLX Standing Seam roof. Here, we take a look at the use of corrugated metal roof sheets on modern new-builds and how to achieve an award-winning look. If you’re looking to buy corrugated roofing, or have any queries, please get in touch with our head office on 0208 810 0120 or send an email to

Corrugated metal roof sheets have traditionally been used as low-cost methods of cladding a building, usually outbuildings such as hay barns. Often, the use of corrugated barn roofing sheets was for financial reasons and, usually, design appearance wasn’t a driving factor. Black or red corrugated sheets were laid onto a roof deck using a simple overlap with fixing screws, achieving watertight functional cladding.

Corrugated roof sheets

Class Q planning permission now allows the conversion of outbuildings for residential use.  Conditions may dictate that old corrugated steel roof sheets be replaced with similar materials. The Metal Roof Company can supply long-life metal roof sheets that retain the character of the building. Click here for more information.

It’s a look that has stood the test of time and changed very little over 200 years since corrugated Iron was patented in the early 1800s.

Today, corrugated steel sheeting has come a long way.  By using improved galvanization methods and eco-friendly coatings, the roof sheets can last a lifetime and now come with warranties of 30 years or more.


Need Inspiration?

There are many examples of great contemporary buildings clad in corrugated steel including agricultural barns and class Q converted Dutch barns.  We caught up with Andy Lucas of Eastabrook Architects on a recent contemporary addition to a 19th Century stone cottage. This addition to an existing home reflects the agricultural character of traditional farm buildings in the Cotswolds. Andy continues;

“… the project takes as a reference to the local agricultural sheds scattered around local farms. Sheds are now often built using metal cladding with modern industrial profiles, but the older buildings used narrow traditional corrugated profiles and many of these still survive. As the cottage was built in the mid- 19th century this was a perfect combination.”

With thanks to Eastabrook Architects. The corrugated steel sheeting was not supplied by The Metal Roof Company. Photographer Charlie Birchmore

The extension appears as a freestanding ‘barn’ but is connected to the cottage by a simple flat-roofed link. Although set-back on the road, this link creates an interesting architectural feature with views through into the rear garden and a chain outlet for rainwater from the flat roof.

The construction uses structural insulated panels (SIPS) with factory coated traditional corrugated metal sheeting on timber battens and counter-battens allowing ventilation and detailed as a ‘rain screen’. This enabled rapid and economic construction with the basic watertight structure being erected in 2 days. The insulation and airtightness are exceptional and the glazing provides passive solar heating in the winter with excellent cross ventilation in the summer.

Corrugated Metal Roofing Sheets 3

The interior has been designed to reflect the agricultural / industrial character of the outside of the building. Corrugated sheeting has been used to clad the inside balcony, although this was decided later in the construction program to use up spare cladding and avoid wastage.

Complete The Look With Lindab Steel Guttering

With clever design, this simple and low cost cladding material offers a fantastic understated look to a building and, if paired with complementary materials such as cedar panels, blackened timber cladding or Lindab galvanised steel guttering can offer a nod to a building’s heritage whilst incorporating the mod cons required for today’s lifestyle. Click here for more information about Lindab Guttering.

Lindab Magestic Galvanised Steel Gutters are an ideal match for corrugated steel roofing.

Thinking of using Corrugated Roofing for your property?

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