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Project: New Build Waterfront Property, Barn style.

Material: Lindab GreenCoat PLX 

Colour: Black, colour reference 015

Rainwater: Matching Lindab Guttering and downpipes in Black.

Designers of this waterfront property wanted to match the blackened timber cladding to a suitable metal roof sheet.  Lindab Seamline using GreenCoat PLX was the ideal metal solution.

Seamline PLX is a tough, coated, standing seam metal that benefits from an Eco-friendly coating, derived from rapeseed oil. A considerable part of the fossil fuel content has now been replaced by sustainable products.

Underneath the paint, the steel core is tough and flexible enough for metal roof contractors to form the metal roof sheets.

Seamline PLX looks great and has the advantage of matching the full range of Lindab Rainline gutters and downpipes, all available from The Metal Roof Company. Call 0208 810 0120 for more info.

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