Top 10 Benefits Of Using Lindab Gutters

Elliot James, Marketing team

When it comes to choosing the ideal rainwater system, often homeowners, developers and architects are overwhelmed by the many types of drainage systems that crowd the market; from cracked drains, to leaking gutters, we’ve seen it all. Often plastic gutters are the systems of choice in the UK, but the temperamental weather systems leave these plastics vulnerable with heavy precipitation in winter months, as well as humid climates in summer months, causing them to waste away as years pass by. This effect is only exacerbated in rural and coastal areas, where oceanside currents mean that moisture build-up can happen faster, making mold and mildew more likely.

However, with the lindab rainline gutter system, water drainage and gutter installation has never been made easier. In this article, The Metal Roof Company outlines the top ten benefits of using Lindab gutter systems on your property or development.

1. Lindab Rainline gutters have a much longer lifespan


Many people ask: Why are lindab gutters considered the best gutter on the market? One of the best answers to that question is the fact that lindab gutters have many hard-wearing properties which ensure decades of performance, combining durability, flexibility and ease of installation. To provide long-term life, this steel is rustproofed by a 275g zinc coating. This galvanised coating is naturally self-healing, meaning any scratch or cut is sealed by zinc ions which migrate to re-coat the uncovered steel. Lindab Rainline is manufactured from up to 30% recycled material and is itself completely recyclable. The integrity of the system will last in excess of 70 years.

2. Lindab Rainline gutters are as strong as steel


Steel has proven itself as the ideal material of choice when it comes to gutters, particularly because of its resistance to the elements. Galvanised steel gutters will not crack in the heat due to steel’s extremely low thermal expansion. On the contrary, plastic gutters can easily crack or split with rapid thermal changes. Place your order for a lindab gutter with The Metal Roof Company today: 0208 810 0120

3. Cheaper than many other drainage systems


When compared with cast iron or aluminium, the Lindab Rainline system is actually inexpensive. Lindab steel guttering is cheaper, lighter and much easier to install. Not only this, steel also has a lifespan of up to 70 years, and installation and fitting is made simple and fast, with snap-on outlets, clip together pipe holders and adjustable smart brackets, giving you further savings on time and labour.

4. Eco-friendly


Lindab’s Rainline system is made from recyclable sheet steel; the main raw material is completely ‘green’ and has a natural place in today’s approach to sustainability. Lindab’s environmental work focuses on maximising the use of raw materials, components, energy, packaging and transport. Today, 90% of Lindab’s business is certified to ISO 14001. So when you choose Lindab gutters, you are choosing a rainwater system with the lowest environmental footprint on the market. Call The Metal Roof Company to place your order for a gutter today: 0208 810 0120 (please see our colour summary grid to explore available colours).

5. Leak-free Guttering


When it comes to guttering, nobody wants water leakage. Where plastic systems are used, often the weight of accumulated snow or moss puts stress on the guttering brackets and, as the pipes age, they move and crack, causing leakage and brickwork damage. Because plastic is UV unstable after a few years, it also quickly becomes unsightly and brittle. Lindab Rainline, on the other hand,can be purchased for a fraction of the price and offers minimal movement, as well as UV stability. It also will not crack, fade or leak, and is highly resistant to corrosion, virtually maintenance free and vandal-proof.


6. Coated-steel colours will never fade


Lindab’s coated-steel colours are UV stable and therefore will not fade. Lindab Rainline is made from galvanised steel sheeting and to provide durable rustproofing, it is coated with zinc. This self-healing system is available from The Metal Roof Company in ten distinct and subtle colours. Either discreetly to complement the overall colour scheme of the house, or boldly to create accents of colour. Matching the GreenCoat PLX roofing material with the Lindab Rainline gutter range can create a stunning finish: check out our copper house Scotland project which uses our copper metallic PLX (RAL 788) with matching copper metallic gutters (RAL 8003).

7. Easy Installation; just click, fit and forget


Each of the components required for Lindab Rainline fit together with ease; no sealants or glues are required. There are many different dimensions for lindab gutters and downpipes, all of which fit the different types of roof and building infrastructure. Every component in the lindab rainline gutter range is designed to ensure easy installation; everything clips together and mounts onto your building or development. No special skills or tools are required for installation.

8. Low Maintenance


The only maintenance required for a lindab gutter is a simple wipe or wash down to remove any twigs or tree leaves, allowing the gutter to retain its elegant appearance – that’s it!

9. Lowest CO² footprint compared to any other system


Steel has the lowest carbon footprint compared to any other rainwater material – lindab gutters have the greenest, ‘cradle-to-grave’ impact on our environment. Call The Metal Roof Company today to place your order! 0208 810 0120

10. Vandal resistant


The Lindab Rainline Guttering system is highly resistant to bumps and scratches – the lindab down-pipe fits closely to the wall and is tightly secured, making it virtually impossible to climb up or pull away from the wall that the gutter is mounted to.

So there we have it, the top ten amazing benefits of using lindab gutters. Want to find out more or place an order? Get in touch with one of The Metal Roof Company’s trusted representatives today: 

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