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Looking for a Metal Roofer?

The Metal Roof Company has an extensive network of over 150 metal roofers. Upon request for our material (for example zinc, copper or stainless steel roofing), we will put you in touch with a trusted metal roofer who is based near the location you specify.

Nearly all of the metal roofers that we recommend to carry out installations are FTMRC accredited, often with many years of experience in the hard metals industry. The Metal Roof Company offers industry competitive prices, and our delivery network ensures your metal is delivered on time in excellent condition to the metal roofers. Get a FREE project Estimate by clicking here or contact us on 0208 810 0120.

How do we choose the right metal roofer for your project?

The first step that we take is to request details of a trade body membership, such as the Federation of Traditional Metal Roofing Contractors. By doing this, we are ensuring that the roofing contractor is adhering to guidelines about how a metal roof should be correctly installed. We also pay close attention to unusually low pricing estimates.

Sometimes metal roofers that quote very low prices are either inexperienced or they are unsure how to go about the task at hand. We request evidence of previous work so we can understand the capabilities that the metal roofing contractor offers.

We have a list of our most trusted installers and put you in touch with the best in the business, ensuring you get the quality of workmanship you want for your project. Read our blog on how to choose a metal roofing contractor.


Got questions? We’ve got answers. Read our most common questions below.

The metal roofing contractors purchase the roofing sheets from The Metal Roof Company. They will arrive on site in coil form, and then be installed onto the roof. 

Yes – due to the flexibility of materials such as GreenCoat PLX, the accredited metal roof installer can complete the installation no matter what style of roof it is. Click here to view the incredible transformation of a dutch barn in the English countryside.

Zinc for roofing is one of the most popular standing seam roofing products. Contact us for a quote for your project or send your drawings to

It can be difficult to find them because metal roofing is such a specialist craft. It takes many years to master the art of traditional metal roofing, thus care must be taken when selecting a metal roofer. Read our blog on how to choose a metal roofing contractor.

Watch how metal Roofers install GreenCoat PLX

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