Standing Seam Metal Roofing And Zinc Cladding: A Growing Trend In The UK

Elliot James, Marketing Team

The metal cladding used on Tin House (view image below), GreenCoat PLX BT, is becoming a design favourite with architects and self-builders alike, says The Metal Roof Company Director, Sean McHugh.

The zinc roofing and metal roofing market has rocketed in the past few years, particularly due to the increased usage of zinc, copper and coated steel products as standing seam metal roofing materials, with builders often taking inspiration from Scandinavian countries, where standing seam metal roofing has been used to clad houses for generations. Keeping your home dry is a basic — here are a few other considerations:

Can I install my GreenCoat PLX or Zinc roof myself?

As it’s a skilled job that requires specialist equipment, it’s best to use an approved metal roofing contractor when dealing with zinc, copper and steel roofing materials. GreenCoat PLX BT, supplied by The Metal Roof Company, is installed via a network of highly skilled installers working nationwide, virtually all of whom are members of the Federation of Tra­ditional Metal Roofing Contractors (FTMRC).

What is a standing seam metal roof?

It is simply the seam created when two sheets of metal are joined together. When laying a standing seam metal roof, the installer will put an upturn on each edge of the sheet metal. These will then be joined together in a ‘crimp’ or seaming action all the way up the roof or wall. This crimp gives the ‘standing seam’ appearance.

Do I need a warm or cold roof for my project?

Warm roofs that have the insulation on top of the rafters, with no airflow, tend to be suited to buildings where height and insulation build-up is a factor. Cold roofs, on the other hand, have insulation between the rafters and will have an airflow from eaves to ridge. Either will work with standing seam. On warm roofs, particularly Zinc roos, it is important to install a high-quality vapour barrier.


“Sean and his team gave us a fantastic service which made all the difference to our project. Sean was able to arrange for the materials to be imported from Sweden, profiled in the UK and delivered to the Scottish Highlands all to a very tight timescale and perfect quality. They were a pleasure to deal with.” 

What are its Eco-credentials?

Consider the embedded energy of the chosen metal for your roof. i.e. all of the energy used in the material sourcing, production and transport. GreenCoat PLX has one of the best energy ratings of all metal roofing products. It’s manufactured from high-grade steel with a rapeseed oil-based coating and both are fully recyclable.

What lifespan can I expect from my Zinc or coated steel roof?

If installed correctly, most sheet metals will give a usable lifespan of 50+ years. There are countless zinc roofs that have been in use for over 100 years.  Ask about simple straightforward material guarantees such as those offered by Swedish Steel; expect these to last at least 25 years.

GreenCoat PLX and Zinc Roofing Options

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Image above: Tin House, West London from Henning Stummel Architects uses GreenCoat PLX in Brick Red RAL 8004.  Zinc cladding and Coated Steel roof trends for 2019  & 2020 include colours in Anthracite Grey, Gold and copper roofing colours in narrow panels or shingle tiles.